Peljesac Premium Wine private tour (from Dubrovnik)

Peljesac Premium Wine private tour (from Dubrovnik)

When it comes to reds (red wine), Peljesac Peninsula wines are the best Croatia has to offer. We offer to take you on a tour to try the best of the best and more.
Your guides Ivo and Stjepan (click here to learn more of the guides) both hold WSET and Croatian Sommelier’s Degrees, both are also licensed guides and both grew up in the area so you can not get a better companion than these two.
Our goal on this tour is to present you with the BEST wine that this area offers and introduce you to local food delicacies these wines perfectly pair with.

Your private tour starts with us picking you up at your hotel in Dubrovnik with our Mercedes minivan or Nissan X-trail luxury SUV and driving about 50 min up the Adriatic coast towards the peninsula of Peljesac. During the drive, your guide will introduce you to the history, geographic, and climate of the area – a necessary foundation to understand its wine-growing story.


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In the village of Mali Ston, we will meet our old friend and fisherman Mario who will take us in his fishing boat and we will have a short ride to his oyster beds (the sea is always perfectly calm since we are in the bay so no worries that you would get seasick) and we will explain you about oysters and mussels, their growth and cultivation while Mario picks and serves fresh oysters on the boat. Our guide will pair them with Peljesac sparkling wine -a great way to start your day.

After coming back to the mainland (the whole experience is about 40 min), we will continue through the Peljesac peninsula (with possible toilette/coffee stop or walking tour of the medieval city of Ston) and drive through the spectacular scenery of vineyards, olive orchards, valleys, and slopes while your guide will explain you about the history of wine in the region, terroirs, varieties, and production.

Arriving at Dingac hills we will exit the car to walk in the sloped vineyards where the guide will explain to you the uniqueness of this terrain, soil, and ultimately its wine -Dingac.
Passing through 400 m long Dingac tunnel we will enter Potomje valley – the most famous wine-growing valley of Peljesac and at the outskirts of the valley, we will stop at Saints Hills winery -with its premium wines molded to perfection by Tolj family winemakers.
With breathtaking views of the slopes of Zupa, your pallet will journey into the history and future of these wines accompanied by small pairing bites.

Following Saint Hills winery we will be coming back through Peljesac visiting one of the top private boutique family-owned wineries. You will have a chance to talk to the winemaker about their philosophies in winemaking and, of course, taste their wines with homemade cow cheese and small bites (we have 3 wineries that we believe to be the best representation of the area and we chose the one we would visit just days before the tour depending on the winemaker’s availability).

Coming back towards Ston we will be driving at a different side of Peljesac for our guests to soak up more nature and scenery until we arrive at Ston for an authentic lunch where you will get the chance to try your newly acquired knowledge of Peljesac wines and pair your food with them accordingly.

Lunch is followed by 50 min ride back to Dubrovnik which concludes the tour. As our guides always say: “You enter our car as our guests, you exit it as our friends”


  • 09:00 departure from Dubrovnik, drive to Ston
  • 09:50 Arrival Mali Ston, a short boat ride with fisherman Mario degustation of  oysters and homemade olive oil paired with Peljesac premium white sparkling wine
  • 10:40 continuing through Peljesac scenic routes (possible stop in Ston for a walking tour/coffee/toilette)
  • 11:30 Dingac Hills -visiting vineyards with your guide
  • 12:00 Saint Hills premium winery
    • story of the winery
    • winery visit
    • premium wine tasting (5 wines)
    • snacks to pair the wine with
  • 13:40 Selected Boutique private winery
    • story of the winery
    • winery visit -possible tasting from the barrel
    • premium wine tasting (5+ wines, liqueurs)
    • meeting and talking with the owner
    • homemade snack (local cheese or prosciutto with olives)
  • 15:30 Authentic lunch in Ston or Mali Ston (at guests expense)
    • Guests will have a choice of menus
  • 16:45 Drive back to Dubrovnik
  • 17:45 Drop off at your hotel -tour ends


  • Air-conditioned vehicle (Mercedes Vito or V class or Nissan X-trail -luxury SUV)
  • Experienced driver/licensed guide/wine sommelier Stjepan or Ivo
  • Unique outdoor boat oyster picking experience
  • Tasting of 12+ top quality wines, fruit liqueurs, olive oil, Oysters, tapas, prosciutto and cheese, olives along the way
  • Bottled water in the car
  • Guests insurance


  • Lunch (at own expense) – from our experience, snacks, and bites along the way are abundant so many guests prefer not to have lunch
  • Wine purchases along the way
  • Tips and gratuities (not mandatory)

Prices for a Private tour in 2021

  • 2 persons total price is xxx Eur (xx Eur per person)
  • 3 persons total price is xxx Eur (xx Eur per person)
  • 4 persons total price is xxx Eur (xx Eur per person)
  • 5 persons total price is xxx Eur (xx Eur per person)
  • 6 persons total price is xxx Eur (xx Eur per person)
  • 7 persons total price is xxx Eur (xx Eur per person)

* for up to 3 persons we use mid-size car, while for 4 and more persons we use 8 seater van

How to book this tour

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  • 30 euros deposit should be paid by PayPal and the outstanding amount should be settled with the tour guide after the tour
  • After successful booking you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from us

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