Our team & Reviews

Our team & Reviews



Stjepan is one of our first guides and colleagues and one of the very rare people actually born and raised in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, with Masters in Tourism Destination Management. He can always give you great comparison of 2 worlds, communist and post communist democratic Croatia and western Europe with North America. Stjepan’s hobby is wine, he holds a wine sommelier degree and his family comes from our biggest wine growing area of Peljesac so he is your perfect mate on number of our wine and food tours.



Ivo has BA in Hotel Management and MBA in Corporate Finance and special interests in medieval Central European history and Ottoman Empire so if you are up for some detailed historical discussion, Ivo is your man. On the other hand, having traveled to all 6 continents, playing basketball for Dubrovnik Veterans Club, and with a wine sommelier degree, he can talk about travel, food, wine sports and all other lighter but interesting topics.



A man of unparalleled enthusiasm and specialist for our Montenegro and Mostar day trips, Kreso, will show you all the great scenic spots, and will explain to you all about the life, culture and people of the area you pass through (he probably knows all these people as well). Always ready to go that extra mile for every guest!


Mili (Ivo)

His name is actually Ivo but everyone calls him by his nickname Mili ( sweetheart :))), and it suits him perfectly. Everybody loves MIli and he is a favorite for all in our group. As a licenced Dubrovnik tour guide and professional driver he will guide you swiftly through every traffic jam in Dubrovnik and will always calculate best possible border to cross if you are visiting Mostar or Montenegro for the day. Always with a smile on his face and lot of interesting stories, you will immediately feel that you have found a long lost friend with Mili.

About us

Dubrovnik Day Tours have been organizing private tours for over 10 years so we can organize great experience at competitive prices for you. We control the booking process, exchange conversation with our guests and finally perform the tour. That way we stand 100% behind our product and guarantee maximum satisfaction or your money back.

Thousands of satisfied clients during the last decade are our assurance that we do the job in a right way. Check 700 verified reviews on our TripAdvisor page here
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Guests enter our vehicles as clients, and exit them as our friends!


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Covid-19 note


Croatia is one of the EU countries least affected by COVID-19 epidemics. We do our best to keep it that way! In order to ensure safety of our guests and guides, the following practices are imposed for the season 20220.

  1. – ALL GUIDES WILL MONITOR THEIR BODY TEMPERATURE DAILY. Should they show any sign of illness, sore throat or temperature prior to the tour, a new guide will be appointed to the tour
  2. – Guests with high body temperature, cough, sore throat, and any other illness symptoms will not be allowed to participate and will get their money refunded.
  3. – The disinfectant spray will be available and provided by a guide through the whole tour
  4. – Guests will have to use the disinfectant spray at the beginning of the tour to clean their hands (it will be provided by guide)
  5. – If you are taking multiple day trips with us, it will be one guide with you all the time to minimize the risk of spreading infection, there will be no local guides as your guide is licensed and highly knowledgeable on each destination
  6. – You can discuss your tour with your guide in the morning and modify the tour to your preferences using your guide’s tips and suggestions for that day
  7. – Protective surgical masks are available and can be provided by Doria upon prior request (just send us a prior email).

Our latest reviews from TripAdvisor, sorted by date.

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Say yes to Dubrovnik day tours

Awesome day trips with The Doria group. We did a local guide in Dubrovnik city center, a food and wine tour in Bosnia (amazing!!!) and a day trip to Montengro. (…)

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Wonderful wine, awesome oysters and stunning scenery

Excellent from the start. Miho, our guide, sent clear instructions on when and where to meet. He was knowledgeable, thoughtful and affable. Beautiful drive to (…)

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Fantastic private tour to Montenegro and Bosnia from Dubrovnik

Fantastic tour of Kotor, Our Lady on the Rocks (optional) and Monastery in Bosnia with amazing views. Miho our guide was friendly, extremely knowledgeable and (…)

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Fabolous day trip to Montenegro
Vanessa C

We loved our day in Montenegro & would highly recommend it. Beautiful scenery.
Filip was the best guide. He’s so knowledgeable about the history of both Croatia & Montenegro.

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