Game Of Thrones Dubrovnik Tour

Game Of Thrones Dubrovnik Tour

King’s Landing, the capital of Seven Kingdom awaits you…

Join us on our tours with our skilled guides, movie buffs, fans and extras from the set. Find out firsthand about the sets, actors and backstage intrigues. Discuss fun theories and reenact the actual scenes with our props and professional guidance. The most important things…have a great time with us and bring home some great and unique memories! Valar Morghulis!


Choose between our Basic (1:45 h – low difficulty activity level), Extended Tour (2:30 h – medium difficulty…climbing the Red Keep) and Ultimate (6 hours, see-it-all) tour. Let us know if you would like it private (tailored to your own needs and wants) or semiprivate (with up to 4 more brothers-in-arms), and off we go.
Thousands of guests enjoyed our tours in the past 6 years, so join us and become part of the team!

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Tour highlights:

  • Red Keep
  • Docks of King’s Landing
  • Littlefinger’s Brothel
  • Sept Baelor
  • Farmers’ Market
  • Spice King’s Palace
  • Walk of Shame (do your own, or don’t 🙂 )

What is included?

  • Licensed tour guide/extra on the movie set service during the whole tour
  • Visits all along the proposed route
  • Props and more

Itinerary: (Example)

  • Our tour begins with you meeting our guide at Pile gate
  • Walk through the stone paved streets of Pile district to get a magnificent view to Lovrjenac fortress (multiple scenes staged) with intro to the medieval city of Dubrovnik and its relation with Kings Landing – be a part of Joffrey’s Name-day celebration…
  • Leaving the Pile tour passes next to the site of King Robert’s bastards slaying and Myrcella’s port of departure to Dorne
  • In the small harbor of Kolorina you can sit on a ship berth where Sansa used to sit listening to Littlefinger’s tails and plots looking at distant sea searching for a way back home…
  • Passing Pile bridge tour continues through the gates Jaime used when he came back from the North and where mob rebelled against King Joffrey – your guide took active role in this one! – you will hear about most amusing bits from the movie set.
  • Through narrow streets of the Old City you will reach Littlefinger’s Brothel and remember what Tyrion and Oberyn did there!
  • Head straight to the one of the most interesting scenes shot in entire series and see where Cercei did her Walk of Shame.
  • Walking through the main street of Dubrovnik across kingdoms to the magical city of Qarth (Rector’s Palace) visiting scene where Daenerys asks Spice King for ships to take her army across the Narrow Sea.
  • Passing through the Old medieval harbor, the tour continues through the Market Place where multiple scenes were filmed (Tyrion learns about wild fire, mob finds out about Joffrey’s true parents, Walk of Shame continues…)
  • Tour ends at the Revelin Square where Walk of Shame ends overlooking the Island of Lokrum (scenes from Qarth and Tower of Undying) and Zarkovica Hill (Desert of Khal Drogo’s doom)

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