Our team

We are group of 5 young professionals (licensed tour guides and licensed drivers) who decided to start our own business together and offer  high quality tours at competitive rate.

We have an average of  4,7 years of experience as tour guides during which time we have witnessed a lot of unprofessional behavior by many service providers as well as some low priced tours being offered to customers for extremely high prices leading to customers’ discontent  and bad memories from their trip.

Since we have been in this business for very long time we understand how the whole process works and know that we can organize great experience tour at  regular prices. Since we are the one who are controlling the booking, exchanging  conversation with our guests and finally performing the tour, we stand 100% behind our product and guarantee maximum satisfaction or your money back.

Our professions are very different: ( ex.Airline company Sales manager,  college professor, ex Hotel manager, Museum curator and Indology professor) but what unite us is our love and passion for our beautiful city of Dubrovnik and its surroundings which we always try to pass on our guests to make them, at least for those couple hours on a tour, a true citizens of medieval Dubrovnik!

Join us for our tour or ask us for any kind of info about the tours, regardless if you chose us or some other partner, we will be happy to provide you with all necessary info, and since we are the locals – we always have fresh and updated info about our beautiful destination – Dubrovnik and its surroundings!



Dubrovnikdaytours Team

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